Zimbra Email Hoisting Vs Thunderbird Email Hoisting

Zimbra Email Hoisting

  • Zimbra is a affordable e-mail hoisting service provider. It offers easy installation. And does a thorough server maintenance. It offers the function of server troubleshooting and upgradation and server migration.
  • Zimbra hoisting plans are designed for ever changing business communications and efficient messaging facility. And real time collaboration of daily activities like document sharing and editing, Auto message sorting, Instant messaging, Quick searching, Group scheduling and Smartphone sync.
  • Zimbra offers no configuration hassles, strong collaboration features, no server specifications and easy email access.
  • Zimbra Email server is available in two formats:- ‘Shared Zimbra’ and ‘Dedicated Zimbra’
  • Zimbra Email Hoisting Package features, Advanced Zimbra Hoisting features like Polling Interval Control, Advanced Search, Sharing Tasks, Documents, Calendar, Resource Group Scheduling.
  • Advanced Email Hoisting features include, Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP, IMAP Support, Email Anti-virus and Anti-Spam and Email Filters.
  • Zimbra offers reliable support and 99.9% Up time Guarantee. And has a highly secured and resilient Tier 3 data center.

Thunderbird Email Hoisting

  • Thunderbird is a free email application for Mac, OS X and Windows by Mozilla.
  • Thunderbird has a Mail Account Setup Wizard which automatically checks the databases and finds the email setting for you.
  • Personalised Email Address feature to get a customized email address. You can sign up for a new email address within Thunderbird and it will be set automatically ready to use.
  • One-Click Address Book is a quick and easy feature of the Thunderbird application.
  • Attachment reminder is a good feature of Thunderbird. It reminds you to add the attachment file before sending an email.
  • Multiple-Channel chat is messaging feature in Thunderbird in which you can enjoy real-time conservations and add multiple people.
  • Thunderbird  provides the user a similar yet better user experience to Mozilla Firefox across all the platforms like desktop or mobile.
  • Tabbed Email is another Thunderbird is a cool feature which allows you to separate emails across tabs and makes access easy providing a smooth visual experience. Double clicks can open the message in a new tab.
  • A Tab menu on the Tab toolbar to help you switch in between tabs.
  • In the Thunderbird’s search box, you can choose from different search providers. And you can also highlight words in the email and right click to web search it.
  • Quick Filter Toolbar is a email filter function of Thunderbird. It displays search results instantly. You can also filter emails using New Messages, Tags and Address Book. You can also ‘Pin’ or save a Filter and use it in multiple folders.
  • The search interface in Thunderbird has filtering and timeline tools making emails and chat conservation easy to search and switch back.
  • Message Archive feature will help you manage your emails and archive it efficiently.
  • Activity Manager
  • Customized Email Experience with Large Files Management, Smart Folders, Large Files Management and Add-ins Manager features.
  • Secure and Protect your Email with Robust Privacy, Do not track feature, Phishing protection, Automated Update, Cutting out the junk and Open source features.

Which One Should You Use?

If you are a Zimbra user, Zimbra Desktop is the one you should use. It will give you access (both online and off) to all of your Zimbra tools. It also will give you rudimentary access to other email services as well. Zimbra also offers social integration, which Thunderbird does not. Finally, Thunderbird doesn’t do calendars or tasks, which is a serious deficiency if you rely on calendars from Google or Yahoo!. If you’re more attracted to the simplicity, or you company uses native or proprietary calendar and email software, then Thunderbird might be the solution you’re looking for.

Bottom line

If you use Zimbra, Zimbra Desktop is an excellent companion. It allows you to keep your mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks with you even when you don’t have a steady connection to the Internet. This means you don’t have to worry about missing an email when you’re on that red-eye across the country. Thunderbird is a nice email client, and works well. The problem is, especially for Zimbra users, is that it only does email. If you only use email, then that’s fine, but if you rely on online services for contacts, calendars and tasks, then it might be a serious problem.

The final thing to mention is the design. Both are designed like your prototypical email clients, so if you’re familiar with native desktop email experiences, you won’t have a problem navigating the interfaces.

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