Best ways to prevent hacking

Best WordPress Website Hack Prevention Methods

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. It is one of the most widely used CMS that has been continuously used by web developers with or without the knowledge of a web development model. This is mainly because it can be used online on the WordPress website to create a website without actually using any sort of codes. Alternatively, one can also code a website using WordPress by actually using codes. There are various methods to hack or inject data or script into a WordPress website with an intention to hack the site and exploit the owner. The best possible injections in WordPress are

SQL Injection or URL Hacking

SQL Injection or URL hacking is one of the most common and trusted method to hack into a web system by hacking its database and/or bypassing its login details. A hacker’s best partner for SQL injection is Google. One can find the Vulnerable websites (hackable websites) using Google Dork list. Google dork is searching for vulnerable websites using the Google searching tricks. There are a lot of tricks to search in Google. But let us take an example of “inurl:” command for finding the vulnerable websites.

Access to Sensitive Files

This usually means a third-person has got access to your login credentials or has got the information which are required to reset your password, such as your DOB, Security Question, etc. The hacker can use this to either login into your WordPress account and/or reset the password.

Default Admin User Account

This is one of the mistakes that are particularly made by the newbies. They tend to keep default Admin User Account active. At times the hacker is likely to try to get into your system by trying to log in into the default Admin account.

Default Prefix for Database Tables

Unfortunately, many people forget to change their default WordPress database prefix while installing it. This makes it vulnerable to the hackers to get into your system easily by targeting the default prefix which is wp_. One can and should change the default prefix to make your website’s database secure by following some simple steps.

Brute-Force Login Attempts

It is one of the simple yet effective method for hacking a site. It implies different combinations of usernames and passwords over and over again, until the access is granted. Now a days, there are a lot of software that are available to help in the Brute Force login.

We can conclude by saying that nothing is fully secure in this age of Information Technology and Internet is really an uncertain place where a lot of things are happening but we can minimize the risks by using various website security solutions. if you are having a website, be it safe and secure like WordPress because it’s internet and here possibilities are unlimited.

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