Most widely used web programming languages

What is Web Programming?

Web Programming is the writing, markup and coding involved in Web Development, which includes web content, web client and server scripting and networking security. The most commonly used front end web programming languages are VBScript, ActionScript, JavaScript, and Silverlight. The most commonly used Server-side languages are PHP, C#, Java and C, C++ languages, Ruby, Perl & Perl 5 and Python. Popular server side framework and libraries are ASP.NET framework, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails drame work. Popular CSS pre-processors and front-end frameworks include bootstrap, LESS, Sass, Material UI and Pure.

The most widely used web programming languages 

HTML: Hypertext markup language (HTML) is used to structure the layout of a webpage, by using a wide range of tags and attributes. A tag in HTML consists of “<” and “>”. What is written in these two brackets is the tag type. There is always an opening tag <> and a closing tag</>. In between these text or codes or even other HTML tags written. All content between the start and end tag is called element content. The element content will be structured and organized according to the tag and its attributes. The attributes are added to provide the browser with more information about how the tag should appear. There can be one or more attributes to a start tag.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): It is used to style and display the layout of your HTML web pages. It can be described as the website’s decorator. It consists of 100 different styles and declarations, which makes it possible for the user to change the font, font size, colors, background color or pictures, margins, heights, width, lines etc. of your HTML layout.

JavaScript: It is a scripting language that can be written directly on your webpage to make your webpage look dynamic and make the page more interactive. The pages content can be changed according to the users input. It is the browser that reads the JavaScript and render’s to its programming.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP): It is a server side language, this means that all the processing of the data will be done on the server which then returns the data as HTML to the website. All files that uses PHP needs to have a .php extension, or else it will not be processed by the server. Its popularity is partly due to its free, open source nature and its friendliness and convenience.

MySQL: It is usually used in connection to PHP. It is a database system which allows the user to store and receive data from your website. It is an extremely user-friendly system, which makes it for you to store data until they are needed on your website.

Benefits of Web Programming

It allows you to turn a simple, static HTML page into a dynamic page. It allows others to interact with your website and use the web application on any computer with an internet connection. These programming languages are used to promote code reusability for common functions like guidelines, libraries, documentation and structure with certain standards maintained. Reusability increases productivity and decreases time required for development substantially.

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