6 Reasons why users prefer Outlook over Gmail at work

Most of the Business owners tend to switch from Google Apps for Business to Office 365 more frequently. Read this article

why users prefer Outlook over Gmail

Integration across mail, schedule and contacts 

Email is the essential method of correspondence at work today. Clients look at Outlook as one place to successfully impart at work to complete their duties. Regardless of whether it is to setup meetings, discover more data about a contact, dial into conference calls or hop onto online meetings, Outlook is their center point.

Offline access to email 

Being able to access email without internet connectivity. Clients prefer to clear up their email backlog during their airplane journeys. They can read and react to email simply like they would do when they are connected to internet. As the Internet connection is re-established, the email is consequently sent. With Gmail disconnected, clients can access just past month’s email when there’s no active internet connectivity. Likewise, clients can have offline access to their Gmail accounts only on Chrome and Safari whereas, Outlook does not have these limitations so this is why users prefer Outlook.

Organize your mailbox 

All the clients does not work the same way. Some sort their mails one after another in order; others don’t. Accordingly, they identify with envelopes in Outlook better. Clients have constrained approaches to compose their email in Gmail. They are restricted to just utilize names to sort out their email.

Numerous approaches to discover your mail 

Users require various approaches to discover their email. Utilizing search to discover email works for the most part when clients realize what they’re searching for. Be that as it may, clients demand “now and then you simply don’t realize what to search for” and they need to depend on where they documented an email to go get it. The capacity to sort email by date and size, to determine the time allotment, and to scope the spots to look are on the whole different approaches to discover the email when you don’t know how to portray your hunt. Standpoint gives different approaches to find what clients are searching for, regardless of whether its pursuit, organizers, classifications, sort messages in inbox, seek envelopes, and so forth. With Gmail, clients don’t have an approach to sort email by size, date or sender and are screwed over thanks to only one way – seek!

Rich contact details 

Contact card in Outlook gives rich data about the client. The photograph in the contact card empowers clients to connect faces with names. “Nearness” data demonstrates the status of the client, for instance, regardless of whether they’re occupied, offline, and so forth. Clients can rapidly and effortlessly begin a conversation with the contact, plan a meeting, make a call, or begin an online meeting. Dissimilar to Gmail, the contact card in Outlook incorporates every individual’s activity title, office and area data.

Scheduling meetings 

Outlook gives clients a chance to plan meetings, projectors, and so forth. It also provides the clients with the capacity to auto-react to the meeting invite and in addition the capacity to see the free/busy schedule. Clients who would like to do the same effectively with Gmail wind up baffled as the experience of planning meeting with Gmail is a difficult, multi-step process, from above info this is why users prefer Outlook over other top email services.

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