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SSL Certificate

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Back Up

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SSL Certificate

The Standard HTTP is changed to HTTPS , Automatically telling the browser that the connection between the server and browser must be secured using SSL. Protect Transactions and customer data with the best SSL CERTIFICATE provide in India. 

  • Domain validation.
  • Boost SEO rankings.
  • Display HTTPS & padlock.
  • Support unlimited servers.
  • Security trust seal.
  • One SSL covers unlimited servers.
  • Among the first to feature green browser bar.
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Back Up

data backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss.

  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Built-in daily malware scanning.
  • Back up a file, folder or an entire database.
  • Continuous security monitoring Downloads to local storage.
  • Easy one-click restore.
  • Secure cloud storage.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our website firewall will block attacks and protect your site.

Block Hack Attempts : Flaws in website code can leave you open to attack. We filter traffic and strengthen your website by blocking malicious traffic and attacks.

Stop Brute Force : Every website gets hit with automated hacker tools. If your login credentials are guessed, attackers can easily abuse your site.

Mitigate DDoS Attacks : Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cause significant downtime. We block layer 7 (HTTP Flood), as well as layer 3 and 4 attacks.

Prevent Zero Day Exploits : New vulnerabilities are being discovered by hackers every day. Our system intelligently stops suspicious behavior even if there is no patch.

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Website Protection

Our website firewall will block attacks and protect your site.

Virtual Patching,Hardening

If a security patch is released but you’re unable to update, your website becomes an easy target for hackers. With the firewall surrounding your website, patches and server rules are consantly updated by our researchers.

Application Profiling

Every website has its own set of challenges depending on the CMS, server software, and other technology used in the stack. We analyze all types of traffic to explicitly block requests that don’t fit your web application’s profile.

Machine Learning

We correlate attack data across our network to better understand malicious behavior. This sophisticated approach allows us to protect your site from emerging security threats before they compromise your website.

Signature Detection

Our solution uses heuristic and signature-based techniques. Incoming traffic is sanitized before reaching your website. If we detect malicious patterns matching an attack, we block it before it ever reaches your website.

Protected Pages

Add another layer of protection by enabling the Protected Page feature. You can use this option to add passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA (via Google Authenticator), or IP whitelisting and protect your most sensitive web pages.

Bot Blocking

When our system detects a malicious bot or hacker tool trying to attack your site, it is blocked automatically. This helps to protect your website from being found by automated tools and used in massive malware campaigns.


Only allowed IP addresses ensure that only your team can access website admin panels. When you add your site, simply check a box to block access to your admin pages so only people with whitelisted IPs will be able to login.

Geo Blocking

Most attacks come from a handful of countries. If you aren’t doing business there, you can block all visitors from those IP ranges. We even have a button allowing you to block the top three attack countries by default.