Top 5 reasons for web based email encryption

Web Based Email encryption

Email encryption refers to validation and attestation tool of an email message to conserve the contents from being read by an unauthorized person. Email encryption hides the content from hackers or unauthorized users because they may encrypt the email data into unreadable form. Emails can be encrypted and decrypted by means of a digital signature device that uses public and private keys. The public key is shared with everyone while the private key is kept private. Check web based email encryption importance. 

5 Reasons For Web Based Email Encryption

1.Avoid business risks

These days there is so much at stake, so no wants to send encrypted emails. Without encryption any stranger can have access to information which is filled in your email. Your rivals can use such information against you. It is advisable to the users as well as businessman that to avoid all kind if risks they should use email encryption.

2.Shield to extremely confidential information

Email encryption works as a shield for confidential information such as your account number, social security number. In case your mail is not encrypted some wrong elements can make misuse of your confidential information for their personal goals to be completed. Can you imagine that the messages which you have sent can be read or even altered in transit only. Your username as well as your password can be stolen from the way without having so much of difficulty. So email encryption is important .

3.Avoidance of identity theft

If any person gets hold of your username as well as password  which  you use to get to your email servers, he or she can read the emails which you send and also send wrong messages on your behalf without having any information to you. So email encryption is important .

4.Repudiation of messages sent

Owing to the fact that it is easy to forge regular email messages, you can never really prove that a so and so person has sent you a particular message. This connotes that even if a person actually sent you a particular message, he can deny sending it. This has serious implications as regards to making use of email for the purpose of contracts, electronic commerce, business communications, etc.

5. Unprotected Backups 

The messages which you sent are stored on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers-outgoing mail servers. The backups of server disks encompasses text copies of your messages. It might be possible that this backup of messages can be stored for n no. of years. So anyone who have access to the backup files can read your messages and use the same information as your drawback point even when you are thinking that you have deleted the message.

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