Volume/Bulk Email

Volume/Bulk Email

Volume-bulk email refers to mail that is processed in bulk at reduced rates. It can be an efficient way for your business to expand, reach new customers, and keep your clients updated.

High Volume Email Service Features

Posting bulk or high volume email presents unique challenges for ISPs, email hosting companies, and businesses.

  • You can send unlimited Emails.
  • Creating multiple addresses is also a great feature of bulk email.
  • Simple integration.
  • Free mailing software
  • You can send your email in both HTML and Text format.
  • Advanced HTML Editor
  • You can import data from excel files or from any other database.
  • You can easily understand who opens and read your email and how many of them visiting your website.
  • You can personalize each email with a viewer’s name, place, company, etc… This will be very beneficial for inbox delivery and excite your subscriber and will give you more sales.
  • You can send more than two lakes of Email per day.
  • They provide free personal training and support.
  • An unlimited number of Email lists and contacts.
  • Free and unlimited image hosting.

Bulk email marketing helps to reach hundreds of potential customers in the least time. It drives a better return on investment and customer engagement.

Email marketing agencies stay in touch with internet security companies. There are special internet security companies that check the emails sent from the same account and once it crosses the limit, the sender may be classified as a spammer. Encrypted email marketing companies stay in touch with email providers and can arrange for your emails to bypass filters.

The costs of bulk email marketing are attractive. You know how much traditional postal services cost to deliver your offer to hundreds of potential customers. Traditional postal services take days your letter to be delivered but your email takes a few seconds to get to the inbox. The costs are also attractive because in email marketing you don’t pay for paper, print ink, and postal services.

Emails make your campaign more personalized. If you write personal letters for each customer using paper and printer, it may take more time than you can afford. Email marketing companies dispose of a special kind of software that allows you to send an email with a personal touch to each receiver.

Protection from pollution. Campaign through other means like banner and hoardings makes uses of papers or plastics which help the air get polluted. But through the bulk email, the atmosphere doesn’t get polluted because it never makes use of paper.

You can send real-time massage. With the help of bulk email marketing service, you can send real-time messages by writing ideas as, day of today’s offer. Such a mail encourages your client and can motivate them for purchasing.

Why choose F-Grade?

There are a huge number of bulk email marketing, high volume email service plans, they are offerings of different email packages that suitable for any budget, volume, and validity. They are offering dedicated servers at a special rate for large volume customers and corporate companies. F- Grade is an IT based company that is trusted by business and enterprise. It helps you to find the best high volume email service agencies.