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Track a Website Ranking.

If you want track your website growth it may seem complex.They are actually simple to break down. Understanding how web traffic is tracked and computed will help your tabs on your site.

track a website - if check 14803 - Track a website First when someone comes to your site. Each page they go to will register as a visit.

A unique IP address that visits the sites. For example,if you go to the same site 10times in one day,You will get 10 visits but only 1 unique visit.The amount of time visitors spend on a site or a particular page,regardless of whether or not they do anything.

track a website - if check 14803 - Track a website The percentage of visitors who leave after only reading one page.The lower you can get this,The better will be the ranking of your website.

Check the stats of the website on Alexa:-Alexa traffic rank will tell your website ranking. By writing down all of these numbers and checking back weekly to see how the numbers have changed will let you improve the ranking.

track a website - if check 14803 - Track a website Alexa helps you to determine which parts of the site get the most views and figures out where your traffic is coming from.

Similar to Alexa, there is a program called searchstatus that can easily track a website’s whereabouts.

Use a tag manager to see what is most popular:-Tag managers track which articles get the most traction, but only if you tag them. Most blogging and website design sites allow you to add tags, which are relevant words connected to your post.

Check if the page has an active RSS feed: Many websites post updates through RSS(Rich Site Summary) feed, which you can subscribe to RSS sends you an update whenever the website decides it has great new content to view. It attaches right to the browser as an add-on.

track a website - if check 14803 - Track a website Follow your favourite sites on social media:Twitter,Facebook,Instagram and Google+ and more are great ways to get content delivered to you when and how you want it. Think of your social media accounts as a newspaper, but you get to choose which reporters, or websites want to send you content.

Google Analytics to search console.

Google Analytics is a great tool, it can actually work even better when combined with other Google tools. Specifically speaking we recommend combing it with Google webmaster tools.

Once it is connected it needs a bit of time before you see actual Google Search Console data in your Google Analytics reports. But when there’s data, there’s magic!. You can find this magic under Acquisition, there’s a Google search Console section with landing pages, queries, countries, and devices. You can find the landing pages report especially interesting:

track a website - website rank - Track a website

First of all, you can see which landing pages have most impressions and so but that’s information you can see in just Google search Console. The added benefit for having this data in Google Analytics is that you can also see metrics from Google Analytics.

Alternate image websites are set up with Google Analytics as soon as they go live. Once your setup as an approved user, you can log in to view

After logging in, you will see the following screen.

track a website - google rank - Track a website

Google Analytics gives you the details about Bounce Rate, Absolute Unique visitors and website Traffic sources.

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