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Symantec Certificate

Symantec certificate offers a world class security technology by providing SSL certificates which ensures efficient encryption communication between the Internet browser and the server. Symantec SSL certificates provide security to clients by ensuring that their sensitive data is not stolen by hackers or identity thieves. It does so by facilitating a secure connection between the Web server and browser. It accomplishes this by first verifying the identity of the certificate and then by the transmission of encrypted data. Anyone who uses their website to receive, process or store sensitive data like login passwords, financial data, medical records etc needs an SSL certificate. The importance of maintaining the trust of clients in a business cannot be overstated and safeguarding their confidential data is an integral part of it. The reputation and trustworthiness of a company depends on it’s ability to protect customer data from theft / misuse and a Symantec SSL certificate is a very powerful tool for doing so. It acts as a means to let the customer using a website know that any sensitive date transmitted / stored or processed by the customer is safe and certificate [object object] - SSL - symantec-certificate


The Symantec certificate SSL works across all devices and browsers. Unless used from a very niche browser this encryption technology works perfectly. For use in servers, intermediate certificate is to be installed but due to the way SSL works, root certificates are unnecessary. Symantec SSL provides a vulnerability assessment which includes a weekly vulnerability scan on public Web pages, apps, server software and network ports. The malware scanning option alerts the customer if the website has any malicious software. So the vulnerability scan can be used by the website owner to find weaknesses and correct it so that they are not easy targets for hackers and identity thieves. In the United States, Symantec certificate is an approved digital certificate for securing FATCA data. It also comes with the Norton trusted seal which is a sign of trust for millions of customers and organizations.


The features offered by Symantec SSL far surpasses features offered by it’s competitors. By choosing it, the website has the advantage of using a SSL certificate provider with a long history of efficiency and trust. It’s SSL validation services processes on average 4.5 billion hits a day with zero downtime in eight years. It is used by 100% of the fortune 500 companies and it’s infrastructure is similar to that of Internet DNS. It has scalable security options including ECC and DSA. It has a military grade data center and disaster recovery sites. It also has the exclusive Norton trusted seal which serves as a sign of guarantee and trust and it is seen half a billion times a day.

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