SNS Benefits

 Instantaneous,push-based delivery(no polling).

 Simple APIs and easy integration with applications.

 Flexible message delivery over multiple transport protocols.

 Inexpensive,pay-as-you-go model with no up-front costs.

 Web-based AWS Management Console offers the simplicity.

 point-and-click interface.


 Both Messaging Services in AWS

 SNS -Push

 SQS – Polls(Pulls)


Creating SNS Topic and Publishing:

 Sign into AWS account and Navigate to Mobile Services and then Amazon SNS to load the Amazon SNS dashboard.


For AWS Support  9160565554

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 Create a new topic by selecting“Create topic”option,and give a name for Topic and Display Name.


 Here is Topic Details screen.


 We can publish to Topic,but we don’t have any Subscribers to this topic,we need to add the subscribers then we can publish to all the Subscribers at a time.

Click on Create Subscription option and choose the Protocolas Email and Enter the  Email ID you want to subscribe to this topic.


 Here is the status below user subscribed to the topic.


Now log in to the mentioned Email ID and verify the Email from AWS SNS,and it’ll ask you to subscribe to the topic.

 You’ll get an Email as mentioned below image.


 Click on the Confirm Subscription Link,it’ll redirect to another page which shows the subscription status page.


 Now we can publish to the Topic,all the subscribed users will get the email/notification.

 Now select the“Publish toTopic”OptionThen provide the Subject to the email and enter the Message to send to all the subscribers.


Give TTL value as 300 Seconds and click on Publish message,immediately all the subscribed users will get the email.


We can unsubscribe to the Topic at anytime,and in every email we’ll get unsubscribed URL, we can click on that when we want to opt-out from the topic.

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