Top 7 on page factors that will boost a website rapidly

SEO on page factors mainly impacts the Website rankings. Before getting into the details on which SEO techniques to use to improve your on site SEO, let’s start with some basic terminology. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results often referred to as natural, organic results.

SEO on page factors that will boost a website

The SEO focusses to improve rankings, drive traffic and awareness in search engines. The major traffic is drawn by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic on your website and more number of people visit your website and it appears in the search list frequently. The search can be of different types like image search, video search, news search, academic search or many more.

The There are many ways to increase web traffic. This can be done by making your website more creative and interesting and by giving appropriate information. On page factors which increases the search engine results is elaborated as given below.

Choose the right URL

URL is Uniform resource Locator is used to specify addresses on the web page. Making a right URL will attract the users to visit the website. They should be clean, beautiful and interesting. And it also important to choose right domain extension. Domain extensions like .com or .in are common but you can also use extensions like .me for your resume or .photography etc. so it is important to make your URL short, sweet and interesting.

Content considerations

Content in a website plays an important role in increasing rankings of SEO of your website. The user is always in search for an appropriate answer to the question he has asked. He requires short but sufficient information. A research has stated that content between 2000 to 2500 words ranks higher in search engine results. Also enhancing your website with pictures or videos with apt information will help increase traffic.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are the texts in your website that take the user to another web page on clicking the text. It can be keywords or phrases that boosts information about your website. For example if own a cloth store than you can create an anchor text stating “Check our new collection for Rakshabandhan” on your web page. This will indeed attract more visitors to refer the anchors. But more number of anchors is not supportive.

Page load speed

The time in which your website gets loaded also matters as the visitors may not wait for few more seconds for the page to load and close your page. This may affect your dwell time and reduce your SEO ranking.

Header tags

Instead of adding long texts to your website you can use better formatting options for your website. And adding headers is a smart way to make your website appealing. The user looks for main points and using header tags you make the task of the user easy and therefore increase the traffic on your web page.

Layout and formatting

A well designed and well presented web page is very important. It makes your content and pictures look creative and attractive. Color of your web page, proper font size, font type and font colour, appropriate spacing between lines and paragraphs, use of titles and headings, use of bullets and numbering, use of proper alignment etc. add to the plus points to you website.

Internal links

Interlinking pages on your site can pass their strength between them.

Therefore these are the main SEO on page factors which help boost your website in Search Engine Optimization and make more and more people to view it. These factors make it more attractive and interesting. So, you should build a website taking these factors into consideration.

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