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McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection - Business

McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB delivers essential security features that protect your business from cybercriminals and the latest online threats.

Choose a flexible endpoint security solution that scales with your business. McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB can be deployed and managed in the cloud or on premises using your own server.

Whether you own a media agency, a restaurant, a law firm, or any other type of small to medium-sized business (SMB), protecting your endpoints should be simple and affordable. McAfee Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB provides superior protection for your business that is Smart, Simple, and Secure.

Safeguard all your devices
Protect PCs, Macs, Linux systems, servers, virtual systems, and Windows tablets with one solution.

Widen advanced threat protection
Prevent malware, zero-day threats, and evasion attacks at every vector—data, web, and email.

No worries about security
A centralized console makes security easy to deploy, monitor, and manage.

How Our Advanced Threat Defenses Work

Technology What it does
McAfee Endpoint Security 10 Enables communication between multiple threat defenses for detection of seemingly disconnected events as related and part of a targeted attack.
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange Offers expanded threat intelligence from global data sources and third- parties while sourcing local threat intelligence from real-time and historical events.
McAfee Active Response Expands incident response capabilities with detailed live, interactive, and ongoing investigation insights and analysis
McAfee Application Control Blocks unauthorized executables on corporate desktops and fixed- function devices.

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Driver Encryption
McAfee Drive Encryption helps protect data on windows laptops, tablets, desktops to prevent loss of data especially from lost or stolen devices. The technology makes the data inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

File Vault and Bit-locker management
Apple and Microsoft offer built-in software encryption software designed to make data on a system unintelligible to unauthorized persons.

Essential file and removable device protection
File and removable device protection is a file encryption that helps protect data stored on file shares, removable media and cloud storage devices such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. It uses policy enforced, transparent encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your information on storage media, network serves and computer hard drives.

McAfee Security for email servers
McAfee Security for Email Servers detects and blocks viruses, spam, and other unwanted programs on inbound and outbound emails on Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers.

McAfee Device Control
McAfee Device Control protects against data loss by monitoring and controlling data transfers from PCs to removable storage devices such as USB drives.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise ensures viruses and other malicious threats stay off your systems with an easy-to-use, comprehensive antivirus solution.

McAfee e-policy Orchestrator
Unify endpoint, network, and data security management with our centralized security management system, available on-premises or via the cloud.

McAfee security for Microsoft Sharepoint
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint filters content and detects, blocks, and removes malware to secure information in SharePoint servers.


Protect Vital data
Deploy file, folder or full disk encryption to protect confidential data across PC’s, laptops, network, servers etc.

Spot threats before its too late
Collect all the data in real time with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to protect against known and emerging Cyber threats across files, web  and networks.

Streamline security deployment
Install in less than 20 minutes with less than 4 clicks. As Your business expands keep adding licences and Products.

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