affordable web design

How to create affordable web design?

How to make an affordable web design?

A great looking website can make a huge difference to your business. It does not have to cost thousands of dollars; with the proper tools and proper persons a great looking website can be created. A good website is determined by the way the interface reacts with the end user. The end user must not only like the design but also easily navigate the site. Go through affordable web design steps.

Step by step guide to affordable web design

Getting your domain name

The first step is getting a domain name. This is the name you want to give your website. It’s sort of like your registering your domain name. Choose a proper domain can be important part in creating traffic flow for your website and improve your business.

Designing your website

Choosing a website designer will be important and making sure that he delivers what you want will be important. In case, you’re designing the website on your own then make sure that you use proper tools and make sure that it is search engine ready. Keep your design simple and make sure that the page is easy to navigate. Make sure that the navigation menus are easy to find on your site. Now a day’s websites are most accessed by mobile devices, make sure that the website is designed for and accessible from all platforms, it should be mobile responsive design.

Choosing a right Web Host

A web host is a place where you can put your website, there are hundreds of options for website hosting. You can choose a good host based on these factors,

  • Reliability: What is the uptime that can be guaranteed by the host i.e. the host making sure that the website is available and working for most of the time. In case of downtime, making sure that it just for a very less time or for maintenance purposes.
  • Storage: Making sure that the host can provide how much ever storage space required. The space required is dependent on the type of website that you want to host.
  • Bandwidth: Make sure that the host can provide adequate bandwidth. It is the rate of data transfer that is possible by your website. The higher the bandwidth, the higher data transfer rate.
  • Scalability: In case of increase of traffic through your website, the host has to make sure that the website does not crash and support the traffic flow.
  • Security: Make sure that the host provides 24/7 security protection and protection against hacking attacks. Security is key if monetary transactions are done, to make sure that data is not stolen like PINs or passwords.
  • Support: Make sure that they can provide remote support or have qualified personals to handle any queries.

Adding Content

The type of content you will need depends on your ideas and goals for your website. The contents required are for your Homepage, Product Page or Services Page, About Page, Testimonials page or Review page, Contact Page.

Test your website

After all the steps, test your website on all the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. This is the only way that you can be sure that it works the way you want it to. You can also try it on smartphones also.

Naturally the above steps are not elaborative, it’s just a preview of some of the essential steps in getting your website started. For more information about web application development and affordable web design contact Fgrade Global Services.

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