Why A LinkedIn Company Page is Important for Business

Many business are left behind from the growth if they are not having LinkedIn page. Whether you are working for a large organization or for a small enterprise. Having a LinkedIn page is very essential in today’s time, and it also provides many benefits. LinkedIn is made up of 450 million + individuals who showcase their skills and talents by writing blogs or through articles and also by doing promotion. Organizations usually provides business/ internships / job opportunities and career guidance here. As per LinkedIn a company or an enterprise should post as many status updates as its content. You can increase your reach to more audience with the help of these posts. Companies or organizations or the firms that posts approx. 20 times a month on average can reach 60% of their followers., check LinkedIn company page importance here. 

LinkedIn company page Importance to a Business

B2B Networking – The platform is designed to connect people and companies with similar interests and to find a partner on whom you can trust upon and build a network and can do business. Instead of building network on phone business owners can build their network online through the medium of LinkedIn. In addition seeing the vendor’s online presence gives a more complete picture of a company than just speaking to someone on phone only so that you can see that if other businesses have had good experiences working with the vendor.  

B2C Networking Brand building is a vital part of the business model and a well-managed LinkedIn profile can serve as a flagship for your brand on LinkedIn. Regular active on LinkedIn and posting something very often is very helpful to grow your business. You can build your brand by brand. Your brand is that how you identify your customers both current and future and LinkedIn provides a perfect way to shape that brand image you possess in your mind from a long.

Lead Generation Network with possible consumers by optimizing your account profile and company page, as well as consistently posting relevant and unique content, are both key elements of getting the most from the social media services, as mentioned above. The ultimate result of continuing to build more focused brand is the generation of new leads that will come to you and people will found you on LinkedIn. This method combines all the aspects of traditional word of mouth of lead generation.

Staffing Dynamic and consistently relevant profile on LinkedIn is a best way to attract enquirers and applications from top talent who are using network to find opportunities in the job. Since LinkedIn is the social network of choice for business enterprises networking and career. Talent comes to your way based on the profile of your company.

Customer satisfaction  LinkedIn provides you messaging, comments. If done right this can provide a perfect means for achieving great customer satisfaction levels and shows that you are a company who cares for its people. Customers truly appreciate if the company hears their grievances. Company also resolve the problems of its users by showing them true path.


Hope from above info you will get LinkedIn company page importance, LinkedIn is a powerful social platform not only for professionals but also for companies that they work for. So if you are a small business and do not have a company page on LinkedIn now is the time to get started. You should also encourage your employees to have profiles on LinkedIn and connect them to your company page for more exposure.

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