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Internet security

Internet security (Internet security antivirus) refers to software which protects your computer, the data on it and ultimately you (the user), from being exploited online. In general internet security is a collection of various types of security tools, such as antivirus, anti spam filters, firewalls and anti-spywares.

What does an internet security antivirus do?

Virus is not the only threat to your computer there are other numerous threats especially when it comes to the world wide web the threats are also wide enough like email security related threats. To protect your computer from all these you need to armor system with a comprehensive defense mechanism and that’s exactly what an internet security antivirus does. The following are various features or capabilities which you could look out for when choosing an internet security antivirus for your PC.

Files secured – From hackers

Hackers demand a huge pay from people whose systems are affected by ransomware. But with internet security you can safe guard your private files & photos so that they can’t be encrypted and held hostage.

Bypass fake websites

Hackers can easily recreate an exact copy of any banking or financial sites and steal your logins and passwords with ease. Internet Security encrypts your data and makes sure that your information remains safe.

No warier of Spams

Phishing emails are increasingly becoming complex and hard to filter from normal mails but internet security steps in helps your mail box look a lot more organized by smartly filtering spams.

Firewall your data

The data stored in your computer is the key to identity theft. Internet Security’s Firewall acts as a strong gatekeeper and stops hackers from accessing it.

Sandbox – Experiment before Risking

Try out suspicious files in a safe environment before you let them to ply on your system, ensuring your PC’s safety.

Secure Shopping

All of us are increasingly becoming fond of buying products from eCommerce websites such as amazon and flip kart which is good but it could turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t have proper security measures in place. That’s exactly where internet security antivirus comes in hand as it encrypts your login details from hackers and does not allow any suspicious activities in the background to happen making sure that both your login as well as credit card details are secured.

Filter malicious sites

Ensures your online safety by automatically blocking potentially harmful websites and also allows you to set up custom block lists depending upon your requirements.

Preventive Protection

Firewall and Antivirus join together to prevent your system from viruses and malware before they can enter your system.

Customized protection alerts

Firewall quickly comprehends the rules you set for downloading software, and modifies its alerts in accordance with your requirements.

No more Spyware

Spyware Scanner identifies and removes malware infections from your system’s registry and disks.

Cloud Antivirus

Cloud based antivirus scanning identifies malicious file even if you haven’t updated your antivirus in recent times. Making sure that lack of update from your side doesn’t compromise your system’s security.

Game On

Provide you with a separate mode for gaming making sure that your gaming experience is unaffected. Limits functions that could interfere with your gaming experience such as notifications, database updates or scheduled scans.

Control your PC

Empowers users with the ability to lockdown their PC so that only trusted and viable applications can run.

Secure your E-mail

Safety against malicious links and infected attachments to keep you secured from online threats spread via email.

There are a wide range of internet security software by renowned firms spread out across the landscape of internet and it’s up to you to choose one of them based on the features and your needs. Bitdefender, Norton Security, Kaspersky, Bull Guard, Avast, McAfee and ESET would be a few to be named. There are also numerous free internet security antiviruses but to ensure your safety it’s always better to shell out some pennies and buy one rather than compromising your safety in the cyber space.

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