Backup Gmail Emails With Out Losing Data

How to backup gmail emails

We use gmail as our essential email program. In gmail we store our valuable personal and work emails. Our account is compromised or gets rest. There are several ways to eliminate that single point of failure by creating a local copy of gmail messages. And you can an email backup to another online service. Check how to backup gmail emails with out data loss

Use Outlook or Thunderbird to download your gmail

You can use Outlook mail or Thunderbird to download your email as POP3, which will store the massages in your email client. You can also set up gmail in your email program as IMAP and this will syncs your email from the cloud to your computer. If all your emails disappear from Google servers, your client might sync to the empty server and delete the local copies.

You can use Online Backup Service like Backupify

It backs up personal information from facebook, Blgger, Flickr, Google Calendar and Contacts, twitter, Picasa with Albums and many more web services. It gives you up to 2GB of storage. At the same time your cloud data is backed up online, in the cloud. Backupify acts daily or weekly data backup, based on your subscription plan, though for larger accounts or accounts with large single data files it may take 48-72 hours to get initial back up. Backupify maintains your data until you opt out or delete it.

You can use Desktop Program like Gmail backup

Gmail Backup is free software for Linux, windows and Mac that backs your emails in gmail account. You have to enable IMAP access in your gmail settings. You can specify a date range and emails are stored as .eml files.

You can use a script to backup gmail

You can take a script to automatically download your gmail account, at weather interval you like it will create a local copy of your gmail on your hard drive. When writing a script isn’t as straightforward as the option above, it requires fewer computer resources than email programs will be run.

You can use Hotmail TrustSwitch

It is a quick and safe way to copy your mail contacts and calendar from gmail to your hotmail account. At the same time it is too much easy. You have to enter your details and it will automatically copy your account to your windows Live Hotmail account. You can also choose to forward your future emails with the use of this tool.

Forward to alternate gmail account

This method is very simple; you have to forward your emails to an alternate email account, which is something different from gmail just to be completely sure, like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. This will secure your Gmail emails in future.

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