How to send high volume email without getting Blacklisted

E-mail is a standard way to keep the customer engaged by sending them periodically. If one has a large user base, we cannot compose a mail to everyone every day. So, we use email services to send high volume email to the customers and here’s a catch using this method. The first basic thing is that you must make sure that everything is alright about it. i.e., you shouldn’t get blacklisted in the first place. So, here we have a guide when followed, helps you in sending bulk emails without being blacklisted.

Follow These steps to send high volume email without Getting Blacklisted

Genuine and authentic Email List

So, up front, you must be sure to verify your email list to which you’re going to send the email in bulk. There’s something called bounce rate which determines the frequency or rate of your emails being bounced back.  High Bounce rate will affect your email reputation and the lesser your reputation the more likely you are to be blacklisted!

So, use any email verification tool to check any invalid or misspelled emails in the list you’ve got. It should be done periodically as some emails may live for short period and might become invalid after some time.

Leave an Option to opt out and update details

Anyone sending high volume email must maintain an unsubscribe method and should obey the users request if they wish to unsubscribe. Many services have this by default, but you have to make sure you’ve got it. Also, an option to update their preferences like First Name etc. will make them gain your trust.

Content and Background Matters

Some ISPs check the sender’s reputation and the user engagement on the emails. So, make sure you got the right and relevant content going around in the emails. Content here not only refers to the text you write, but also the way you present it. Make it mobile friendly as well as most of the users will be accessing emails through their mobile. Any emails like scam are always blacklisted automatically or by the user report can do it. The IP of the sender and even the domain will also be examined for any bad signs.

Don’t attach

Email attachments are not very well accepted, and it may be reported as virus though it is safe. So, sending this in bulk will leave you in a high risk of being blacklisted. Leave links instead.

Scale down Image count and more

While sending Emails Don’t use UPPERCASE for words in subject or the body as they act as tag for most of the spam filters. Scale down your image frequency in the content and never use sensitive words. Ask your subscribers to add you to their contact list.

Stay Up to Date with email spam regulations

These rules tend to change from time to time. Be sure you update your format or content and follow all the rules accordingly.

By following all these steps strictly, you’ll end up being a genuine sender for your customers. Choosing a good service provider will always help you following these in the right way.

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