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Email Security Services

Email security services are the collective measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service is refers as email security. It permits an organization or individual to protect the overall access to one or more email account/addresses. An email service provider applies email security to secure email account and data from hacker- in transit and at rest.

Encrypted Email Features

An encrypted email security software solution is a comprehensive, robust and feature rich technology tool. It is designed to provide companies of all size with full protection against any email based threat.encrypted email email security - Secure email - Email Security Services

Spam filter: Once an email has been identified as spam, it will be moved to a separate folder within the user’s inbox. Or it can be deleted completely from the email server.

Protection of Anti- Virus: With email security software all outgoing and incoming messages or attachments are scanned for the latest and greatest viruses. The massage will be blocked from the distribution or receipt, or before being sent or received the corrupted files will be automatically cleaned.

Image and content control: Companies can proactively block content based on pre-defined condition, with email security software.

Protection of data: The sharing of proprietary and private information via email is a day-to-day activity of every company. So email security software are designed  to protect that data from hackers.


Every enterprise can benefit from email security.

Protect secret data: This is the reason companies choose to encrypt their email. Encryption is the process of changing information in such a way that makes it unreadable to anyone except those with the knowledge to change it. So, many companies use this type of email security to protect corporate secrets, and government also does it to protect classified information.

It provide extra insurance for HIPPA compliance: Encrypted email provide the extra insurance needed so that if unauthorized parties trying to get access to their record, they will not get success and in this way any patient information in this form is protected.

Money Efficiency: For a secure encrypted email, you do not need to purchase any additional software or fees per user.

Time Efficiency: In the business world, time is very important. With the new and advanced system, individuals no longer have to open multiple programs; they can save more than one copy of the same file to secure email messages.

No spam attachment: You can attach a digital signature to every email you send with email encryption. They will be able to easily tell if the email is spam or it is really send by you. This your business will become more trustable.

Followings are few key benefit of Hosted email security

  • 24/7 Email continuity
  • Antivirus and malware protection, including zero-hour detection
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Advance restore and search feature
  • Password protection
  • Secure, compliant email archiving
  • Zero maintenance
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