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Email Backup

Email backup will accept and hold your email. Ones your mail server becomes available again, email backup will deliver the email to you. Emails are very essential tools of communication in any business. If you are using email for work and want to backup the massage folder locally, you have to automatically move or delete older items. So, that you can restore later as needed and use by importing.


Email Backup email backup - cloud backup - Email BackupEmail Transmit: The Super Administrators can transmit the email accounts of their organisation user either for backup policies or backup an account before a worker leaves the company. In the certain cases, the admins can backup emails from that account based on specific period of time before deleting older emails. The transmitted emails will be available in ZIP format in the control panel for a period of 30 days.

Period Specific Backup: As per the requirement of the organization policy, the administrator can take period specific backup of the email account.

Folder Specific export-User Backup: The user can login their own accounts to transmit email in a specific folder or a set of folder. However using the Access Restrictions section of mail policy, the administrator can restrict the export of email.

Email Forwarding through Backup: To save a copy of email that arrive to the account and the emails that are sent from the account, you can use incoming email forwarding and outgoing email forwarding.


Simple deployment and administration: IT teams can minimize time and resources required to install and manage backup across company laptop and mobile, freeing up your team to move up the value chain to do more innovative projects and training maintenance.

More satisfied users: When a file is damage or destroyed, it is expected has a solution to protect employee data. The IT team can access data backed up in the cloud.

Fast restores of lost file: Returning data backup and restore bring peace of mind to your employees. When data is lost, recovery is painless. Instead of having to hold laptops hostage for a few hours, IT can issue a new laptop and direct the user to log on to inSync and do a quick restore.

Affordability: Cloud base backup is less expensive than the cost of other hardware and software elements necessary to perform the backup.

Know your benefit: Online backup is beneficial overall. Different services can have more benefits in some areas than other areas. You must first determine what you need, before looking to make this investment. Once you determine what you need from your email backup service, you can go forth to find a service that will provide you.

Mail Vault security: These securities backup your entire organisation’s email into centralized archive. Over any time period, powerful search mechanism allow you to watch and restore email for any user, any email address.

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