Types of Digital Marketing


In this digital world, Account-Based Marketing is making a comeback now. A growing number of B2B marketers are embracing different marketing types as part of their overall marketing efforts. So we are going to discuss the various types of digital marketing and strategies.

1)Account-Based Marketing:- ABM is a strategy that directs marketing resources to engage a specific set of target accounts. ABM doesn’t just call for alignment between the sales and marketing team. Instead of casting a wide net with their lead-generation efforts, marketers are using ABM to work closely with sales to identify key prospects and then tailor customized programs and messages to the buying team with target accounts. It is a core reason that the ABM approach is seeing significant uptake. ABM focuses on relationships in your highest opportunity, highest-value accounts.

Let’s see some benefits of ABM Digital Marketing

Identify High-Value Accounts.

Analyze your existing customer base to identify the ones that fit your definition of an ideal customer. While this definition can vary based on nuances such as industry and other overarching descriptors, it often boils down to the most profitable, long-term, happy customers who are a pleasure to work with. In other words, they’re a secure fit for your company, enjoy success with your solutions, and deliver the most significant lifetime value.

Map Individuals to accounts.

In any B2B deal involving a significant purchase, your marketing and sales teams will need to help drive consensus among the key stakeholders. Your first step is identifying those who can wield influence on the final buying decision. These are the committee members you need to engage and persuade to take action.

PinPoint Optimal Channels.

To reach your target accounts and the key stakeholders, determine which channels they use most to research trends and solutions. This may vary by role or even industry, so don’t assume you can apply a one-size-fits-all approach here.

Execute your campaigns.

Marketing and sales engage with accounts on an individual level using a personalized strategy that makes sense for each contact. Campaigns can include an array of tactics, including email, special events, direct mail, ads, and more. Since relationships drive ABM strategy, use that to guide your outreach.

Measure and Optimize.

Measuring ABM results is different than measuring the impact of standard lead-generation tactics. Marketing and sales are jointly accountable for driving pipeline and revenue when it comes to ABM. You care about moving accounts not individuals through the purchase process.

2)Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business where affiliate marketers or affiliates earn money via revenue sharing. This means they get paid a fixed commission when a particular qualified action happens to the products they are marketing. Affiliate marketers become independent promoters of their chosen product, service or even a range of products. As an affiliate marketer, you will have the freedom to choose what techniques or strategies you want to use to reach the most customers.

Let’s see the benefits of Affiliate Marketing:-

  • It’s a lucrative and far-reaching industry. Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar industry. It is easy to look for products that you can actually use, believe in and in all honesty promote to your audience. That kind of involved affiliate marketing where you have faith in what you promote has been proven to produce the best results, especially commission-wise.
  • It is a low-cost business opportunity. There are practically no barriers to joining. Compared to other business ventures, you don’t need to have a huge capital on hand. All you need to have is electricity and internet connectivity. Knowing how to build a blog or a website is a plus. One of the benefits of blogging is that you can use to promote your affiliate products either through ads or targeted content.
  • A combination of both is what I suggest. The more avenues you explore, the more chances of winning. You don’t need to be an affiliate marketing guru to succeed. You are free to choose what campaigns to test and what learning method you want to use to improve your trade. You can attract more people to your blog. The more visitors to your blog gains, the higher the chances of getting in touch with the right kind of people.
  • With affiliate marketing you aren’t required to entirely from your job. It is suitable as a supplementary source of income. At least not if you don’t want to. You can just use it as your sideline or side project and see how much you can earn overtime. If you choose to go full-time with affiliate marketing. It can very well turn into your best bet at making money fast through passive income.
  • Affiliate marketing is promoted by many people because it has so far been able to turn up useful results. Just like most passive income opportunities, affiliate marketing lets you work when you want to, If you want to. You are free to work in a flexible schedule and environment of your choosing. You don’t even have to worry about any after-sales customer concerns. You can just conveniently pass it onto the customer support team.

3)Influencer Marketing:- Influencer marketing is one of the trending topics in the marketing field. First of all what is Influencer marketing??. It is a form of social media marketing involving product placement from influencers, people, and organizations with an expert level of knowledge or social media in their field.

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. The reason for it is popularity begins from the fact that customers today are more informed than ever. When it comes to purchases decisions, influencers are the ones driving them.

Here are some benefits of Influencer Marketing:-

  • Builds Credibility And Trust:-Influencers having a loyal following have been successful in establishing themselves as a subject matter expert in their niches. So any recommendation or insight coming from them is deeply trusted by their followers. If you have an influencer recommend your product or brand, people are likely to be way more receptive. Which is why one of the most significant benefits of influencer marketing is its ability to build trust and credibility about a brand.
  • Easy On Your Wallet:-Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Unless you’re keen only to work with celebrities, Of course. However, the problem with stars is that their audiences are more generic. So your chances of conversion are very less even though your message might reach millions. Instead you can approach micro-influencers they can give you a better return for your investment. Their followers are much lesser than that of celebrities and hence more engaged and focused.
  • Increases Brand Awareness and Reach.:-Influencer Marketing is an excellent way of reaching new audiences for your products or services. When such an influencer recommends your products or mentions your brand, It helps you gain more visibility. This not only increases your reach but also boosts your brand awareness.
  • Suitable For Business Regardless Of Size Or Industry.:-One of the best qualities of influencer marketing, is ideal for any business regardless of its size or industry. As long as there is someone influential in your industry, you can always leverage them for your marketing.

Most of the success of your influencer marketing campaign depends on your choice of influencers. If you make the right selection, the rewards are immense. It is essential to work building long-term relationships with them that are mutually beneficial. If you take a genuine interest in their professional growth, they are more likely to be invested in yours too.

4)Interactive marketing:- Interactive marketing is one of the topics in the marketing field. What is Interactive marketing??. Interactive marketing is a type of advertising that includes several types of internet sales strategies. These include social networking, website architecture and online stores. In today’s world of modern technology and e-commerce, many products and service providers are finding that interactive marketing online is cost-effective and provides several advantages.

Here are some benefits of Interactive Marketing:-

  • Increased Sales Conversions:-A successful interactive marketing strategy converts consumers from reader to buyers. In sales and marketing terms this term is called as sales conversion. Unlike traditional marketing like TV and Radio ads, Interactive Marketing techniques allows the audience to make a purchase on-the-spot. 

A common way to promote sales conversion in an interactive marketing scheme is to label purchasing opportunities with calls to action. Terms such as “Add To cart.” Or “Get a Quote.” Inspire customers to proceed with a purchase as opposed to regular advertising that simply states the benefits of your services.

  • Lower Overhead Expenses:-Common interactive marketing techniques such as electronic merchants and online stores can significantly reduce your overhead expenses in rent, payroll, shipping and printing, By providing shoppers the convenience of instant, electronic purchasing, you eliminate much of the need for warehouses, showrooms, sales representatives and cashiers because transactions are made online.

Interactive marketing also saves on printing and postage. Instead of printing and mailing a product catalog, an online catalog can reach millions more people with no delivery cost. It can also be easily and electronically updated to save on reprinting and distributing new print catalogs.

  • Audience Engagement:-Many interactive marketing techniques allow sellers to engage their audience, provide interesting  and even fun  shopping experiences and learn more about their target consumers. For instance, a bakery that provides customized cakes can engage its target audience with a website that allows them to customize a cake.

An interactive site in which visitors can choose the style of the cake, frosting, color, decorations, size and font and view it next to an “Add to Cart” button encourages the purchase. Periodically checking what combinations website visitors experimented with helps gauge consumer needs.

5)Global Marketing:- Marketing of products is done regularly by companies locally. But since ages, foreign products have constantly been introduced in other. Markets and all the sellers or modern day term would be marketers have tweaked, changed or revamped their strategies in order to appeal and gain acceptance from local marketing.

Global marketing can be defined as marketing on a worldwide scale in different countries, Taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives. If we put it in simple terms if you are selling the same products to the global market then it is known as Global Marketing

Here are some benefits of Global Digital Marketing

  • Reach:-With the free availability of the Internet, the reach of business has grown multiple folds. Companies like Amazon operate in different countries have managed to reach worldwide only with the help of Internet. Ease of reach helps in building brand mage to a wide array of customers.
  • Lower Costs:- With a common messaging to be done across the globe, marketing budget reduces significantly which helps to maintain profit margins.
  • Global Feedback:- With uniform messaging throughout the world, the feedback received is equally important for companies and Global Marketing enables them to receive valuable feedback and adapt and change according to customer feedback.
  • Overcoming Time Constraints:- Unlike traditional marketing, where the print requires days and weeks to approve and then distribute the end customer, in this case, the campaign reaches the customers within a few mouse clicks reducing the time to implement. Faster implementation of marketing campaigns means faster results and ultimately faster profits.
  • Cost Reduction and Savings:- By focusing on new markets, you can achieve economies of scale and scope through standardization in some areas. Not to mention the savings from leveraging the Internet globally. Customers from all corners of the world can find you, and you can reach potential customers with one point of contact, such as a website, blog, or Facebook page. The cost savings can help you serve customers better worldwide.

6)Reverse Digital Marketing:- Reverse Marketing process is when a company encourages customers to seek out their products or services on their own, rather than them trying to sell their products to customers. It is where you don’t specifically ask customers to purchase your products, which can be very beneficial to your company.

Reverse Marketing doesn’t spend any time asking customers to spend money on products or services, but rather, it explains the benefits these products or services can have for the customer.

Have a glance of some benefit of Reverse digital Marketing:-

  • There are many benefits of reverse digital marketing, and one of them is that it builds the value your brand can have for customers without asking them to purchase anything. The key features of any good reverse marketing strategy are to first, know your customer. Without knowing your customer’s wants or needs, you’ll have nowhere to start with any of your marketing efforts.
  • The whole idea behind reverse marketing is to have customers come to you rather than seek them out, so this feature is critical. The last key element of any good opposite marketing strategy is to offer your customers something of value before attempting to close any sale.
  • Since reverse marketing doesn’t bombard potential customers with ways and reasons to buy products or services, reverse marketing allows you to improve your brand image. Without using up space that talks about product quality or the price of the services you offer, your company can devote more space in ads that convey your company’s principles, Social responsibility, and ethical practices.
  • Customers today are spending their money more on a company’s brand than the products the company offers. If you can prove to your customers that your brand is a good one that has good ethical practices and is not just a part of a huge, you will drastically improve your brand image.
  • A few reverse digital marketing examples include cutting out any hard selling or harsh tactics often used in marketing strategies. Many marketing strategies push for customers to buy products or services, highlighting why they need those products.

7)Mass Marketing:- Mass Marketing is the process of appealing to an entire market rather than one targeted group. The marketing technique uses mass distribution and mass media to reach the widest audience possible.

Mass Marketing aims to advertise to the highest number of potential customers. The technique is mainly popular among big corporations and is quite literally the polar opposite of niche marketing. Mass marketing markets to everyone and commonly focuses on selling must-have products at a lower price to achieve a higher number of sales and to obtain maximum brand exposure.

Here are some benefits of Mass Marketing:-

  • Mass marketing’s most significant advantages are the scope and cost-efficiency of advertising on a much larger scale than smaller business marketing strategies. When a company uses mass marketing, every single advertisement that they deploy is sent across a variety of channels (such as print media, social media, and broadcasting) and can reach thousands or even millions of customers. By addressing these ads out through as many channels as possible, their message is received in one ad push and can save the company a slice of their budget.
  • Companies that utilize mass marketing are pushing their product or service with such force. The production of their product becomes cheaper when compared to companies that produce products for a smaller, more targeted audience.
  • Because you buy so much of a product, the cost is discounted. Companies that use mass marketing experience the same thing.
  • Another advantage of using this marketing technique is the increase in brand awareness. Let’s take a large company like McDonald’s as our example. You see their ads everywhere: on the bus, on the train, on billboards, social media, TV, Spotify ads, and even on the radio. They have mass marketing on lock and have consistently used it in their marketing efforts for decades.

So these are some best strategies which you can use in your business. If you have any doubts about this topic, please feel free to contact us.

For further information, please check the below link for further details:https://www.conversionadvantage.com/16-types-of-digital-marketing-explained/

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