Understanding the difference between SEO and SMO

Look into basic difference between local SEO and SMO

A process that is used to improve the ranking of a website in a search engine is known as SEO or search engine optimization or local SEO (Geo location). At the same time SMO, stands for the social media optimization. The aim of this social media optimization or SMO is to use social media to increase traffic to a website. These two terms are very popular now. In spite of their same aim both are quite different from each other and utilize different techniques to achieve their means. Their main aim is to increase the number of visitors to a particular website. SEO takes into consideration how search engines works and what people search for. It can be used to target several kinds of searches, as local search, image search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. On the other hand social media optimization is known as SMO. It is the process of increasing, the awareness with, the brand, product or event by using number of social media outlets to generate viral publicity.

Need to focus on both optimizations

Both SEO and SMO will need to continue to be updated as technology gets smarter and evolve over the years. These days SEO and SMO are two terms have gotten much popular these days. Both utilized to raise more and more traffic to a website. The difference between local SEO and SMO is that SEO helps to improve the traffic to an intended website, whereas SMO is improve the activity and communications between a network and a single user and brand. SMO is the process of attracting a large network of social media users to subscribe and follow to any single entity. SEO and SMO, both are the important aspect for digital marketing.

Local SEO vs SMO

In spite of different terms both local SEO and SMO have same destination and both are under the same category which is internet marketing. SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization and where as SMO is stands for Social Media Marketing.

SEO is a technique to increase the visibility of site in search engine and it also focus on many other areas. SMO is increasingly becoming a more part of SEO. SMO has to do with what people and their family have look previously online.


  • These send lots of free traffic to those with high rankings for popular search terms.
  • Search engine traffic should increase with and new page being added.
  • For optimize this first of all select and use keyboard, then optimize HTML and backed coding. After that, need to add a descriptions and alt tags.
  • Result of this is it seen over long term.


  • It is a process which is done by digital marketing expert.
  • The traffic can be very high.
  • A power profile will allow to gather traffic to just about whenever need it.

They can Co-Exist or Not

These two works together rather than separately. The best example of this is link building. Pages and sites that are popular with major social media sites are a direct result of SMO, but they can have a significant impact on search engine ranking.

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