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How to create your own website


Here we provide simple steps for how to create a website


How to create a Website?

Can you believe that you are five steps away from setting up your own dream site? Yes, you heard it. The below is  A Beginner’s Guide to Create your own Website.

 Five steps for how to create a website

Step 1 – Choose the right platform for building your website

There are numerous Content Management Systems (CMS)  for one to choose from and choosing the right one forms the base to make your dream site come. Building out a completely official and aptly designed website isn’t a uneasy process as many proclaim it to be. It’s truly easy, even for some who has no or minimum experience with using computers. But one can get into trouble when they opt for the wrong platform. Few platforms require one to exercise a basic grip over web coding languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript whereas others don’t, so it’s you who really needs to decide what you want.

Few things to keep in mind while choosing a platform for your site:

  •  A platform which is user-friendly and newbie-friendly.
  • It must be powerful satisfaction to handle any technical abnormalities with ease.
  • With increasing proportions of people using mobile to browse choose a platform which is mobile-friendly and responsive.
  •  A platform which has robust mechanisms to help you out and support you 24*7.

Step 2 – Procure a domain name and web host for your site

Free web hosting services such as wordpress provide you with the free domain but they appear unprofessional as they basically are the subdomains of WordPress. So, if you want a professional domain name then it’s better if you shell out few pennies and buy your own domain.

Cautiously choose your hosting plan based on your requirements. I would suggest you choose Bluehost based on client’s reviews and it’s also relatively economical and has robust features alongside. While selecting your domain to make safe that it is catchy, unique and easy to remember. Prefer .com sites rather than .uk, .au. Always try to keep your domain name short and sweet. Make safe that you don’t infringe copyrights and don’t use numbers or hyphens in your domain name.

Step 3 – Designing your website

Create web pages and add content to them according to your need. Use colorful and interactive themes to attract visitors. Use web editors to design your site. If you are opting for a platform such as you need not do anything they by themselves provide you a web editor. Alternatively, you can even hire a professional web developer to design your website. Always keep in mind the pulse of your audience, no one likes a page filled with plain text nor a haphazardly organized one so make safe that you keep all these parameters while setting up your site.

Step 4 – Test your site

Once you have completed designing your site it’s highly recommended to test the functionality of your site across various browsers, devices and locations to make safe that there are no technical glitches and it’s vibrant quite as you would like it to be.                                                                                   

Step 5 – Make your site count

There are millions of sites live and every day the number keeps increasing so it’s really important for you to make your site noticed to potential clients and also to blandish them to prefer your site than your opponents. To reach a larger chunk of audiences your site must be indexed in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can submit your site to these search engines to get your site indexed. But it does not come to an end here you can also effectively promote your site on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter to reach a wider and targeted audience. 

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