Difference between colocation and dedicated server hosting

Colocation and Dedicated Server Hosting

There are numerous differences between the colocation hosting services and dedicated hosting services. The basic difference is that colocation service consist of locating your servers or IT infrastructure to the the third party data center, whereas dedicated servers are already with the data centers which is being leased or purchased by the client.Check details of colocation and dedicated server hosting below.

Dedicated server is higher reliability, handle more traffic compared to other hosting servers because In dedicated server hosting solution, a data center leases one entire server to a single client, not sharing it with anyone else. The user has complete control on choice of OS, storage, hardware and other such components.The only drawback of using dedicated server is Dedicated servers are generally managed and upgraded by the hosting providers itself, but in colocation servers you can not expect to upgrade your servers by the hosting provider, they will just physically secure your servers in their infrastructure. In colocation servers basically the user purchases his own hardware and softwares licenses and place them in a data center. In this type of hosting, customers have the flexibility to manage, secure and maintain their servers while the data center provides the server space, security, redundancy, controlled air temperature, UPS and managed server solutions.

A dedicated server hosting services provides complete freedom to the users as they can install any software and can have full root access to the server,whereas in colocation hosting the client has to rely on the hosting providers for the amendments.

Which hosting is better colocation or Dedicated Server hosting?

Choose dedicated server If you are website has huge web traffic and you can’t afford to make large capital investment in buying a server, then dedicated server provider is the best option for you. If you want to buy the server and decide its components according to your wish, in other words if you want to full control over your server, colocation hosting is the right option for you.

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