To begin with, let me explain why do we need Cloud email security at all…

Well, with online fraud becoming popular and notorious this rate, every enterprise should be equipped with secure products in the line and e-mail is something which makes the company almost non-existent if it is not available. Every email written should be safe and secure as it may contain sensitive information. So, having a secure email service makes you feel safe all the time with minimal clutters.

That gives a glimpse about why we need email security. Now let’s dig a bit deeper by exploring the different methods in the channel.

On premise vs Cloud email security in short:

On premise means buying or gathering the required hardware and licenses upfront to run the services and all the data is hosted on the server which can cost really high upfront and also involving costs for maintaining it yearly. On the other hand, Cloud Based security can reduce all the header and will be available on subscription basis which is really cost effective and also runs on some high-end servers which are almost guaranteed to be fail proof. It also will be ready within minutes unlike the On premise solution which will definitely take some time to setup.

If you ask me, I’d prefer CLOUD EMAIL SECURITY!

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Email comes from various sources, some are good, and some are fraud which usually contain malware, phishing and scam messages which has potential to harm the functioning of your system or even a data breach which is never desirable. So, to cut that, in this system, all the messages sent to the enterprise are analysed beforehand. This is a very complex analysis which involves considering the reputation of the sender. It may even consider the no. of bad reports if any and live data of the region to filter out what is essential and what is not. The picture gives you a better idea of what will happen in this thing.

Now that knowing how it works, let’s discuss about the potential features and benefits of cloud email security.


  • Cloud based systems will be able to get real time updates on what’s going on the internet and this gives the ability to filter out the messages instantly based on the Realtime knowledge on phishing and other frauds.
  • It can have multi-layered screening which can filter malware and ransomware in several layers and ensure you a safe and secure inbox.
  • It can provide you the reputation analysis of any mail with new IP’s is trying to reach you. This can be really useful to respond such mails.
  • Gives you the traffic analysis of what is good and what is bad. On premise systems are limited to the local analysis, But cloud based systems can provide you the live updates on the internet and it is really important.
  • It can protect your data with a promising note as the system uses high quality equipment to store the data.

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