Cloud email protection top features

Cloud Email Protection 

Cloud email protection will protects your data  against phishing, spam and other attacks. Cloud based services share data from around the world, giving them a clear view on what is normal traffic and what is suspicious traffic. With on-premise security, only your traffic is monitored and analyzed, leaving you blind outside attacks. There are several ways to access email for company. The traditional way is to purchase the server. No doubt it works wonderfully and is absolutely fantastic solution with other benefits provided. The drawback is it comes at a good price that is one has to purchase server hardware plus software license with some additional costs for accessing other things. Moreover there is worry about spam and all sort of malicious attack, for example viruses that can come through email. These become most costly to get installed and to be maintained.

Hence the alternative method for these is cloud based services which cost less and can be used on the basis of long term usage. These type of email server services required no hardware on user part and also no typical software required. The only thing is to purchase subscription on the regular basis and these could be on the monthly basis. These cloud email protection solution of accessing email are transforming the way IT departments delivering apps and services to other user.

Email is still most popular and pervasive tool cyber criminal used to launch the distribute threats. One of 244 email contain malware attack. 5 out of 6 large enterprise were targeted by spear phishing campaigns. In terms of protection cloud system is good enough compared to traditional way. It starts with multilayered approach to blocking malware and exclusive target attacks. These includes multiple analysis engines that are continually updated to scan email and accurately detected and eliminates known spam and malware threats similar to anti malware and anti spamming. Hence creating intelligent and adaptable layer of protection which can stop malware as it evolves and changes. In addition to the system and protection technologies a experience team working behind the scene to analyze and identify new threats and danger. If detected something one will be notified and provided with fast and effective remediation steps.

Adoption of cloud based services and solution is very tremendous. It is predicted that by 2018 cloud office system will achieve a total market penetration of 60%. These system also provides user with new flexibility and more efficient ways of callobration. Business and IT department significant cost saving anf lower administration overhead compared to traditional on premise application.

Benefits of cloud email protection

We recommend you move cloud serives because of the undeniable benefits that come with.

1. Keep Your Data Secure and Confidential Over Email.

2. Real-Time Malware & Ransomware Detection.

3. Block Threats with the Highest Effectiveness and Accuracy.

4. High availability cloud with scalability that’s easily managed.

5. Reputation Analysis.

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