how to choose a top rated web hosting provider

Being digital, websites are used for almost every purpose that may be personal or professional. Professionally, websites are necessity which helps in business growth plus 24×7 access. Moreover websites are being used for personal reasons like people chronicling their lives, uploading interesting blogs, sharing photos with friends and family. Companies having websites are considered legitimate and prefer to use internet to conduct business, before check top rated web hosting info.

Things to know before choosing a top rated web hosting provider

Web host provider ensures one to have best possible services with several things to take under considerations. Hence following things should be consider while choosing web hosting provider.

Availability and reliability

Before choosing the top rated web hosting, reliability should be carefully considered. It is important even in point of view for personal as well as for business websites. Companies claims for 100% uptime but are not likely to be accurate.  There are times where there may be foreseen problem or scheduled maintenance causing your website to be unavailable for short period of time. At personal level website being not available would be irritating but at professional level it could be translated into 1000s dollar revenue loss. While choosing web hosting provider. Historical  data availability, scheduled outraged management these factor should be focused, so you need not to face any problem in future.

Space and bandwidth

Basic factor to be taken under consideration for your hosting package. Amount of space you need depends on the number and size of files you will have on your site. As a selling point of view web host provider will offer unlimited disc space. Bandwidth is referred to the amount of data transfer when one access your site. One need more bandwidth if the site is popular. However be wary if unlimited bandwidth is claim, as it would be expensive. One must be careful about terms, condition, clauses and norma while choosing web hosting provider.


Of course price is consideration especially in tough economic times. Cost may vary based on available features. So make sure you narrow your choices to the one that have the features you want first then compare like features. Choose best combination of cost and features. Also, consider the payment plans and determine if these are convenient for your free web host are not recommended for business purpose. Most of the free host make their money on advertising revenue. These ads disrupts websites with pop ups or banners. It distract professionalism of site.

Importance of good Customer Service

People are ready to compromise customer service at lower cost. But as everyone is not the master in every field you will need advice or help at sone or other point. Different web hosting companies has several method to answer the query of customers quickly and satisfactory. Choose the host that has the best combination of options that you feel will suit your needs best. Some options are as follows.
1. Telephone support – this is where a live operator will deal your queries.
2. Email support – this is typically handled via a help desk system where your query is put into a queue and answered in the order it comes in.
3.Live Internet chat – this is where you actually chat on the Internet with a representative.
In the above three factors, Consider availability, hold times and knowledge of representatives.
4. Knowledge Base/FAQ – this is simply a listing of common questions and answers. Consider the extent of the knowledge base and how often it is updated.
5. Community networking – forums and blogs are a great way to allow customers to help one another. Consider the number of active users and frequency of posts.

Company Stability

Companies come and go and the web hosting industry can be particularly prone to fly-by-night companies. Longevity is often an indication of stability. If your host is established in the industry you have a better chance of them being there long term so you won’t have to move to another company down the line.

If you carefully consider the five most points before you make a decision will ensure you have a quality service at a competitive rate that will suit your business or personal needs.

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