Big Marker

Big Marker – Video calling now made easy

Marketing, Selling, Onboarding, and Engagement

Powerful live, on-demand, recurring, and evergreen webinars

Customizable landing pages, email, and analytics to grow your audience

Self-driving webinars to help you create automated sales funnels

Personalized online room for product demos and sales meetings

All-in-one platform for video-based summits, series, and courses

A highly-scalable broadcast solution to reach audiences up to 10,000

Host simple, powerful webinars that inspire your audience and make you look great!

Big marker

✓Up to 9 presenters on video

✓HD Streaming

✓Branding & Customization

✓Interactive Engagement Features

✓International Telephone Dial-in

BigMarker is built for interactivity! Invite attendees on stage, or to participate in other ways with deeply integrated engagement features.

✓Chat — Public and Private

✓Q&A with Upvoting, Answering & Publishing

✓Polling, Surveys, Google Forms & Handouts

✓Call to Action Pop-ups

✓Raise Hands & Invite On-stage

As a webinar platform built from the ground-up for marketers, we’ve carefully considered every opportunity to help you drive business results.

For example, you can add a customized CTA to your Registration Confirmation page, giving your audience another chance to engage before your event.

Attending an Automated or Evergreen webinar is more like attending a live webinar than watching a recording. Automated & Evergreen webinars are more immersive, jumping off the page with audience interaction.

✓Add automated chats to drive the conversation

✓Replicate content from previous webinars

✓Create a dynamic, interactive environment


Let’s experience the evergreen webinars, self-driving webinars with automated sales funnel.