Best anti spyware software

What is spyware?

Spyware is something that enters your computer with you being unaware of it, usually with the intentions of extracting money from you. In the worst case the spyware can exercise complete control over your computer, directing you to web pages you didn’t intend to go to, downloading inappropriate content in the background, and even collecting your confidential details such as your email address, passwords and credit card details. But mild attack is no way bearable and equally troublesome, for more info read best anti spyware.

The basic motto behind any spyware is to harness sensitive and confidential information about you and your online habits, and sends those to third parties without your consent or even being aware of the same. Spyware can reach your computer through various sources. But it mainly slid into your PC through deception. A spyware can reach you through mails (commonly known as “spam”), through any freeware or shareware you download from the internet, a system with pirated operating system, etc. None of your anti-virus software would detect spyware as it’s not considered as virus. The best way to detect spyware is through dedicated spyware detection system.


Spyware has the potential to slow down the functioning of your computer. Any computer has a restricted and specified amount of system resources. When multiple processes keep happening simultaneously in your PC your computer is forced to share out its resources ever more thinly. Due to which your computer would take longer time to boot as well as an overall slowing down of the PCs performance.

None of us like slower internet connections and Spyware exactly does the same. It dramatically slows down our Internet connection. Similar to any computer every Internet connection also has a restricted amount of data it can transfer at one go. When spyware communicates parallel in the background when you are working it would be using some of your available Internet communication. Spyware can transform tour system into a ‘spammer’. Few spywares tend to download other software on to your computer which is capable of spamming. Doesn’t that sound awful?

Best anti spyware

You need not be a techie to get rid of spyware what you need is an anti spyware software from recognized and acclaimed companies.

1. Ad-Aware (SE Personal edition)

2. SpyBot Search and Destroy

3. Microsoft Windows Defender, are three renowned and free anti-spywares.

If you feel you are a technical novice and busy with your profession but still removing spyware from your PC is vital for you then I would strongly recommend you to choose “Ad-Aware”. It’s the simplest to work with of the three mentioned. Others are also good at their roles but may seem a bit tough for beginners to proceed with it.

Few best anti spyware which you could look out for are SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, Trend Micro HouseCall, SpywareBlaster, Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK), Spybot – Search & Destroy, Dr.Web CureIt! And ComboFix. When it comes to commercial anti-spywares you can choose any of these namely as Norton AntiVirus Basic, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, McAfee Total Protection and Bitdefender Antivirus plus also check email security services.

Now it’s up to you to choose your best anti spyware, web security solution and install in your system and scan for the presence of spyware in your system. Unlike, anti virus software where it is strictly advised not to install more than one anti virus software in your system it is highly recommended to have more than one anti spyware in your system as it is really hard to get hold of these and if one fails may be the other one would be able to help you out in weeding out the spywares.

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