Astra Security – Rock Solid Security Suite for Your Website

Got a website? Astra is the true security suite your business needs. Website Firewall, On-demand Malware Scanner & Managed Bug Bounty Program trusted by thousands of businesses around the globe.

With so much riding on your back, hackers & nasty bots are the last thing you want to worry about.  

F-Grade brings you ASTRA – now you can focus on your core business while Astra takes care of the security. Let’s learn how!

Astra’s vision is to make web security super simple for businesses & is trusted by brands like Gillette, Ford, TV21, Oman Air, African Union etc.

Here’s a Summary of What You Get:

Rock Solid Website Security has now become very easy because of Astra. Let’s understand what Astra offers you and how is it going to securely benefit your business.

ASTRA WEB SECURITY is a Techstars company & the winner of the French Tech Ticket Program. Awarded as The Most Innovative Security Company at the Global Conference on Cyber Security.

Astra’s vision is to make cyber security a five minute affair for businesses. Astra’s promise to a business owner is that their business would be secure without any ifs or buts. If a business is using Astra, they will be secure – no questions asked.

Through Astra’s intuitive dashboard you can manage all your websites & it doesn’t come with a hundred buttons that make you feel like you’re a pilot in a cockpit 🙂

- astra6 - Astra Security

Impressed already? Click on that buy now button & start securing your business. Need to geek out more on Astra’s so many things Astra does for you?

Continue to read below to understand more about this software:

Web Application Firewall Features

Robust community-powered security engine

Installs as an extension in your store (No need to change DNS settings)

Real-time SQLi, XSS, LFI & 100+ threats protection

Malware scanning & removal

Bad bots blocking

Country blocking/whitelisting

IP range blocking/whitelisting

IP profiling & tracking

Malicious file upload prevention

Controlling file upload size

Limiting upload by extension type

Admin login activity logging

Blocking automated vulnerability scanners

Admin brute force protection

Fake search engine bots blocking

File Injection/Webshell protection

Code Injection protection

Directory traversal protection

Automatic blocking of known hackers

Layer 7 DDoS protection

Smart honeypot system to trap hackers

Rate limit web requests

Automatic spam blocking

Content stealing & scraping prevention by rate limiting

Preventing spam comments.

and more..

If you have it, you gotta brag it with Astra’s Security Seal

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Fun Fact: On one of Astra’s customers, security seal lead to massive 9.7% more conversion rate leading to less dropouts on checkout page as seal inspired more trust in front of customers.

Coming Soon: Soon you’ll be able to monetize via seal by putting a referral link within it (currently in beta).

On Demand Malware Scanner

  • Website anti-virus & anti-malware engine
  • Machine learning powered engine
  • Fixing SEO spam / SEO poisoning (Japanese, Pharma or Gibberish hack), website redirect hack, admin panel hack
  • Fixing credit card & payment checkout page hack
  • Fixing defaced websites
  • Backdoor removal
  • Ever updating rules engine
  • Powered by community learning
  • Detects file changes
- astra10 - Astra Security

Intuitive Dashboard & Reporting

  • Super easy to use dashboard
  • Threat analytics
  • Trusting or Blocking IPs / IP ranges
  • Trusting or Blocking Countries
  • Hourly admin area login summary
  • Add your developers & other team members to the dashboard
  • Whitelist or Blacklist GET/POST/URLS
  • Available in all major languages
  • Information about threat origin country, browser, device, etc.
  • One click security for your entire business
- astra11 - Astra Security

Continuous Reports to Keep You Posted (Email & Slack currently in beta)

  • Daily email reports giving summary of attacks stopped by Astra
  • Hourly login summary to track successful & failed login attempts
  • Slack notifications: set custom rules to notify specific events on slack

Community Security

  • Run your own ‘Bug Bounty’ & ‘Responsible Disclosure’ program from Astra’s dashboard
  • Give hackers an opportunity to report vulnerabilities in your website
  • Setup community security program in 5 minutes with Astra
  • Bugs reported by hackers are validated by us
  • Turn possible bad publicity into good one
  • Managed by Astra
- astra12 - Astra Security

Good things come to those who wait & you’ve done your waiting. Wait no more & grab Astra while it lasts!

You don’t need to go out looking for security experts now. Now you have Astra’s security wizards on your side helping you with your website’s security and always available to make sure you business has start of the art security.

Now you can focus on your growing your business while Astra takes care of its security.