With Amazon Light sail with a couple of clicks we can choose a configuration from a menu and launch a virtual machine preconfigured with SSD-based storage,DNS management,and a static IP address.

We can launch it on Amazon Linux AMI or Ubuntu operating system,developer stack(LAMP,LEMP, MEAN,or Node.js),or application(Drupal,Joomla,Redmine,GitLab,and many others),with flat- rate pricing plans that start at $5 per month including a generous allowance for data transfer.

Steps to launch Light sail Instance

1.Select the Light sail from Compute Service

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 129 - LIGHT SAIL

2. Select the create instance option.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 130 - LIGHT SAIL

3. Select the region and zone,then select the platform and a blueprint what instance what application we required. Now am going to launch WordPress website

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 131 - LIGHT SAIL

Then choose instance plan,am selecting $5/Month.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 132 - LIGHT SAIL

4. And give a name for your instance and select Create option

For AWS Support  9160565554

Send Enquiries : sales@fgrade.com 

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 133 1 - LIGHT SAIL

5. When the instance is ready select the connect option and you’ll get a console.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 134 - LIGHT SAIL

6. We’ll get a public IP address by using that Public IP,we can access the WP website.

7. We will get a default template,if you want to customize that we have to log into the Admin panel. Here I’ve entered public IP the browser. In bottom corner, We will get Manage button,select that to login.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 135 - LIGHT SAIL

8. Default username is user and to get the password am connecting to the instance and entering command as below image. Selection Login option.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 136 - LIGHT SAIL

9. After connecting the instance give ls command you’ll find bit name_application_password file,open it with cat command you’ll get password to login,note it and enter in the login page.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 137 - LIGHT SAIL

10. Give the username and password in the listed fields.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 138 1 - LIGHT SAIL

11. After authenticating, we’ll login to the WP website and we can start customizing the website and select the Publish then the changes will update immediately.

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 139 - LIGHT SAIL

12. If you want to manage your instance you can select the Manage option and you’ll get the options to view the Metrics,Networking,Snapshots for backup,History and Delete options

LIGHT SAIL light sail - 140 - LIGHT SAIL

13. You can delete it anytime,by Delete option.