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The Video Translation Tool – ALUGHA

Multilingual Video Toolkit

Get ready to build a worldwide audience with Alugha. It provides you with tools to break through language barriers and leverage the power of multilingual videos to offer and distribute international entertainment on a large scale. They aim to overcome the complexities of managing multilingual video content with its amazing translation tool.

In September 2019, Tata Communications and the European Tour Launched the European Tour Innovation Hub, which called on start-ups Worldwide. Alugha has won the Innovation Award for being the best translation tool beating the 70 countries across the world.

Alugha offers an interlocked toolkit that can be used in full to cover the complete multilingual process from transcription over multi-audio track voice-overs to video hosting and distribution solutions.

Here are some essential tools of Alugha:-

The DUBBR:- 

The Dubbr is an online tool to enrich your videos with multiple audio tracks to reach a global audience. You can add multiple subtitles and audio tracks to your existing video effortlessly. You can also create a voice-over from scratch directly from within Alugha’s dubbing studio.

Alugha – The Translational tool compatible with all the browsers

Once you have uploaded your video, you can do these things with it.

  • Transcribe:- Now add each line of the original language into the text editor timeline to create your segments.
  • Translate:- You can also add your translated text and compared it to the first segments.
  • Record:- Record your audio segments with your microphone, or you can also use the smartphone for this. The recording process should be done carefully step by step.
  • Publish:– Finally, publish your multilingual video on your website and a wide range of online platforms or share it via social media.

The Digital Workspace for multilingual video production consists of:

  • Language Tracks:- You can add and manage your language tracks per video. A track functions as a container that can be filled up with subtitles and other audio tracks.
  • Transcriptions and subtitles:-  You can switch to the language text view to create automatically synced subtitle translations in the video.
  • Customization tools:- Now customize your thumbnail, background, description, and metadata. You can design everything as per your brand identity.
  • Speech to text:- This, too helps you automatically transcribe the content of your video.

After arranging the subtitles and language tracks. Its time to share the video with a high tech player. In Alugha, you can switch the language tracks instantly with just 2-clicks. You need not reload the video or interrupt it.

You can share the created video on your website by adding a little code to your site without language barriers.

You can also share the video on the Online Platform for more communication.

Now the question is, where do you need to begin??.

You don’t need expensive software or a studio. You can get everything directly in the browser or with the Alugha app on the smartphone. All you need to have is a microphone or smartphone, Internet connection, Alugha account, and a video.

As you have understood the importance of the Dubbr. Now let us get into the details of Alugha toolkits.

Alugha ToolKit Universe consists of Hosting, MutliLingualize, and Distribute. Let us get into the details of each toolkit.


When you have created a video, you want your video to take over the world. You can do that by using Alugha as your hoster. Enrich your already videos with additional audio tracks. You can global with resource-friendly green Hosting, which is made in Germany.

What can you get from Hosting:-

  • Green and Reliable Hosting:-
  • Encoding and File Transformation.
  • User-Friendly video uploader.
  • Content Delivery Network Spans 29 cities.
  • Video Content Management.
  • Video analytics by language.
  • Lightning-Fast Publishing

2)Multilingual:- The Video translation tool

Start using the Alugha toolkit to create and manage your multilingual video on your own. Take advantage of the collaboration features to realize projects with a team.

What can you get from Multilingualize:-

  • Voiceover Recording.
  • Language-Specific Metadata and Thumbnail.
  • Subtitle creation and upload.
  • Speech to text tools.


Your message shouldn’t have any boundaries with our platform-independent adaptive video player.

At the same time let’s see what can you get from Distribute:-

  • Video Embedding on your website and popular platforms.
  • Seamless Sharing to social media networks.
  • Multi-Channel Audio and UHD video resolution.
  • Community Building features.

The advantages of Distribute:-

  • 100% Global Audience Ready:- Multilingual audio tracks, Subtitles, Global CDN.
  • 100% Reach and accessibility:- Any modern browser, any device, any website.
  • 100% your Brand:- Customize player color, Add your logo, Access Control.

The viewers will get the experience of watching your videos as they can select manual video quality, which is adjustable from 360p to 2160p. You can keep browsing without pausing the video.

Cover your complete video ecosystem needs with a fully integrated system to host, translate, and distribute your videos to a global audience.

  • Encoding & Hosting:-Lightning fast and reliable German video hosting that’s easy on the environment and the wallet.
  • Dubbr:-Increase your reach by translating your videos for more markets. Effortlessly create transcripts, subtitles, and voice-overs in multiple languages on your own or with your team. No additional software required.
  • Player:-The simplest way to deploy multi-audio track videos and truly connect with your global audience.
  • Platform:-Grow your global audience while handling your multilingual content assets with ease.

Alugha is ideal for beginners, but for small business who produce mass content. You can maximize your digital influencers with up to 3 audio tracks.

For influencers who want to grow their business with a global vision. This will help to enhance your reach possibilities.

However, for Enterprises, they have high volume productions. With this amazing converter tool, you can power your video with unlimited audio tracks and top resolution videos.

Now let us get into the pricing details:

For more details about pricing please click the link below

What we conclude:

With Alugha- the best converter tool the viewers can watch around directly in their languages. In addition to the audio tracks, all content is also available as subtitles automatically extracted from transcripts providing people with hearing impairment access to the content as well.

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